What scares me…

This is a short list of what scares me about being a parent (beyond the possibility that my kids get hurt or seriously hurt someone else).

  1. That they learn how to take off their diapers and begin smearing poop on the wall (I have heard some nasty stories y’all!)
  2. That my kids laugh whenever they hit me and I say “ouch!” really loudly.  A small part of me things there is something very wrong with them.  Yes, I do try to avoid giving them a reaction but sometimes you can’t control these things
  3. That my baby crawls over dog poop…or really that I ever have to come into contact with dog poop.
  4. That a spider crawls all over my kids and bites them in the night!  That’s just nasty!
  5. That my kids will swim in water or plays in some dirt and will contract some parasite that eats their brain (I have hear some scary stories y’all!)
  6. That my kids reject all my values and grow up to hate me.  On this point I feel like I have pretty realistic expectations.

I have a feeling I will add to this list in the future.


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