Living on dog food!

Seriously people, what is it with kids and dog food!  My two kids are obsessed!!!!!!!!   My 1 year old will even try to dip his hand in and then drink the dirty dog water.  If I didn’t puppy guard the food, my 2 year old would probably walk around with a dog kibble in her mouth 24/7.

This is obviously yuck on every level BUT their is a big upside.  If the Zombie apocalypse ever does hit Washington, I am confident my kids will be more than happy to live off of dog food. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner!  Yum yum!  Eat up!

Seriously, does any other parents out there get a twinge of anxiety when watching apocalypse shows?  Especially ones depicting parents shuttling around kids (think Fear the walking dead).  It always makes me wonder if I could take care of my kids in that situation.  But I digress..


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