Go for the gold…not a black eye!

I frequently feel torn when one of my kids launches out on an adventure of climbing, getting dirty, wet, etc.etc. etc.

First, you have to clean them up…I recently came back from a day at the beach and got to sift through a giant garbage bag of sandy clothes, hats, dirty diapers, and empty snack containers.  I employ with “dump anything gross and deal with it later” approach whenever I am in a sticky situation.  This works out fantastically until I forget about the blow out diaper plus clothes bag that has been marinating in the bottom of my diaper bag for several days (mom fail).  But I digress…

The real issue is the twinge of concern about your kids getting hurt vs. them never learning a damn thing because you are a control freak.

My mind quickly scrambles to do a cost benefit analysis.  I think “Well, will this activity teach them a great skill and increase their confidence and leave them with a small bruise or is this activity purely fun and will leave them with a concussed brain”!!

What’s a mom to do!



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