24/7 365

Does anybody else think that parenting with excellence and purpose would be a lot easier if it was more of a 9 to 5 thing and not a 24/7 thing?  There’s really nothing that hard about taking care of kid…except for the fact you have to do it all the time and take the kid into consideration when doing pretty much everything.

When I was a full time nanny, being calm cool and collected all the time was pretty easy.   Then I went home and did whatever I wanted and slept like a baby.

I also think it’s hard because you CARE SO MUCH.  It’s personal.  Did I care about my nanny kids?  Totally!  But when they fussed, it didn’t hurt my heart as much.  When they were upset because I didn’t do something they wanted, it didn’t make me question myself as much.  I didn’t take it personally.  I just tried to do the right thing and be loving.

I still try to do that now but the stakes are much higher and the game is more intense and I am 100% invested in the outcome.


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