Looking Natural…

This is my first post in a new category of N.A.P (Not about parenting) which ironically spells nap which is exactly what I would do if I didn’t have kids!  But I digress…

I have developed a new minor obsession with doing some research and testing of beauty products.  Seems logical considering I use makeup and skincare products on a daily bases.

I have to say I feel a bit duped!!  I have fallen for the dream of creating a “natural” look.  Who are we kidding here!?!  If I wanted to look natural I would just walk around looking like the sickly zombie that crawled out of bed this morning when my baby alarm sounded at o’ -too-frickin’-early-I-can’t-believe-you-are-starting-to-wake-up -early -again- clock in the morning.

So, I have learned that I don’t want to look natural.  But before I figured that out I purchased several BB creams etc. that promised to give me natural coverage and a glowing complexion.  It took me a bit to figured that I was walking around with a slightly oily face and my dark circles were still hanging out.

Thanks beauty industry!


Damn straight!

Yes I will post a million pics of my kids doing pretty much the same thing!  Their minutely varying facial expressions are like unique little snow flakes and work best in beautiful concert with each other!